About Us!

We are the Sophomore VEX Robotics Team at Stevenson High School!

Team Members: Shreekar, Stephen, Eesha, Anish, Shreeya, Ella, Ali

Shreekar: Hi Everyone, My name is Shreekar, I am a Sophomore at SHS. I'm excited to teach you all something new! I work on coding, CAD and the online projects in the VEX Team. Outside of VEX, I code and do machine learning and I participate in clubs including Model UN and Computer Science Club.

Stephen: Hello! My name is Stephen and I am super excited to help you guys learn more about Coding and CAD. This is my second year on the VEX Robotics Team, and I’m currently involved in the Architecture and Engineering club at Stevenson. I want to be a mechanical engineer when I graduate from college.

Anish: Hi everyone, I’m Anish and I am a sophomore at Stevenson. This is my second year in VEX Robotics and I really became interested in robotics through my participation in First Lego League (FLL). I am looking forward to having a fun session!

Ali: Hi guys! My name is Ali and I am also a sophomore attending SHS. I hope to have a fun session with you guys, and I mainly will be teaching CAD modeling. I mainly learned my skills from the 2 years that I have been on the VEX team as well as additional classes at school.

Ella: Hi! My name is Ella and I'm really excited to teach you about CAD and basic coding. I'm currently a sophomore at Stevenson. I started learned CAD in middle school, and I have been coding for about 2 years. This is my second year on the VEX Robotics team. I also play multiple sports, and I have a passion for architecture.

Shreeya: Hello! My name is Shreeya and I'm so excited to be able to teach you about basic coding and CAD. I have been coding for a couple years now and learned CAD through classes at my school. I am interested in becoming an engineer. This is my second year on the VEX team in high school and I'm also involved in the Architecture and Engineering club at school.

Eesha: Hi everyone! My name is Eesha and I'm looking forward to teaching you about CAD and coding! I have been coding for the past six years and I learned CAD through a class in Stevenson last year. I am also a part of Computer Science Club, Physics Club, and I play the piano.